Sok-Khieng Lim


Escaping the genocide of 1970s Cambodia was the beginning of a journey that took Sok-Khieng (So-Can) Lim through triumphs and tragedies which have affected her in ways she still is discovering. From nearly dying as her family fledCambodia for Thailand to working tirelessly helping others deal with personal injury, Sok-Khieng knew she wanted to be a voice for others and to get them the justice they deserve due to the negligence of others. Her experience as a relentless trial attorney and a passion for personal injury law has given others the second chance they deserve.

As an immigrant who came to the United States as a refugee Sok-Khieng understands the struggles, anxiety and hope that immigrants face in their attempts to obtain legal status to permanently reside in the United States and for some like Sok-Khieng to achieve the ultimate goal, to become a U.S. citizen. In addition to her personal injury practice, Sok-Khieng also assists clients with their immigration needs ranging from citizenship, temporary and permanent visas, green card issuance, asylum, visas, removal and deportation litigation.

Whether it’s helping an injured person get justice due to a motor vehicle collision, construction site incident, medical procedure gone wrong or obtaining legal status to a foreigner, Sok-Khieng’s commitment to her clients in their fight for justice is unyielding.

Outside of the office, Sok-Khieng and her husband Tyler, who is a mechanical engineer at Boeing’s Renton facility, spend most of their time shuffling two rambunctious kids to soccer, cheerleading, basketball, ballet, flag football, and baseball practices and games.