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RHHK Secures $290,536.90 for Client in Car Accident Case

Posted On: January 18, 2024

The Accident and Its Aftermath

In 2014, our client was visiting Washington from California when she was rear-ended by another vehicle. The impact did not cause significant damage to her car but resulted in severe injuries to her shoulders, including adhesive capsulitis (frozen shoulder syndrome). Despite receiving extensive medical treatment, including two surgeries, our client continued to experience pain and limitations in her daily life.


Key Challenges Faced by the Client

This case presented several challenges:

Out-of-state client: Representing a client located in California while handling the case in Washington required flexible communication and additional travel.

Limited visible damage: The insurance company argued that the lack of substantial vehicle damage minimized the severity of our client’s injuries.

Pre-existing conditions: The defense attempted to attribute our client’s shoulder problems to pre-existing health issues.

Late retention: The client approached us in 2017, close to the statute of limitations, and the at-fault driver had passed away.


RHHK’s Initial Approach and Strategies

Establishing causation: We gathered medical records before and after the collision to show no significant shoulder issues pre-accident.

We also interviewed friends, family, and co-workers to testify that the client was active as a soccer coach and pain-free before the collision.

Compiling medical evidence: Our client’s medical records post-collision revealed persistent shoulder pain and limited range of motion. We worked with an experienced and reputable orthopedic surgeon in California who provided a declaration linking shoulder injuries to the collision.

Effectively communicating with the client: We maintained clear and consistent communication despite the physical distance, through calls, video conferences, and in-person visits to California ensuring our client was fully involved in the process.

Counteracting defense arguments: Despite the fact that our client had incurred over $100,000 in medical expenses alone, the defense took the position that the shoulder injuries and subsequent medical treatment, including two shoulder surgeries, were not related to the subject collision.

We provided compelling evidence to refute the pre-existing condition claims and expose the flaws in the defense expert’s position.



A Satisfying Resolution

Following a thorough arbitration process, the arbitrator awarded our client $290,536.90 in damages. This compensation covered medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering, providing our client with much-needed financial relief and a sense of justice.

Our client was very happy with the result! The financial compensation has allowed our client to manage her medical bills, regain financial stability, and move forward with her life.


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